Willie McMillan Obituary, The Road to Drumleman Member Has Passed Away

Willie McMillan Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Willie McMillan, a beloved member of The Road to Drumleman Project, and a true pillar of the community. Willie’s life was deeply intertwined with the history and the people of Drumlemble, making his contributions to this remarkable project all the more significant. His passing leaves a void in our hearts and in the story of Kintyre that he helped to tell. Born and raised in Drumlemble, Willie McMillan was a man of deep roots in this close-knit community. He was not just a local but a true son of Kintyre. His journey through life was filled with experiences that would come to enrich the tapestry of the area’s history. As a young man, Willie served his country during his national service and found himself on the other side of the world in Malaya. The stories and experiences he carried back home with him were an integral part of the local lore, passed down through generations.

Upon his return, Willie McMillan joined the workforce at the Argyll Colliery, becoming a part of the lifeblood of Kintyre’s industry. However, his contributions were not limited to the coal mines. Willie was known for his dedication to family and community. In his younger days, he was an enthusiastic footballer, bringing joy and camaraderie to the pitches of Kintyre. His love for the sport echoed the spirit of the community that he cherished. Willie’s involvement in The Road to Drumleman Project was a testament to his commitment to preserving and sharing the history and memories of his beloved home. He was an active participant in the project, leaving an indelible mark on the community exhibition that followed the documentary film, “The Road to Drumleman.” He attended every drop-in archive session leading up to the exhibition at Glen Scotia Distillery, ensuring that the memories of Drumlemble would be honored and remembered.

One of the most cherished moments of the project was the collaborative session between Willie McMillan and the pupils of Drumlemble Primary School. The exchange of stories and experiences bridged generations, and Willie’s presence was a living link to the past. The students had the privilege of learning about their local history from someone who had lived it, and for Willie, it was an opportunity to pass on the torch of heritage. Willie’s contributions to The Road to Drumleman Project are a testament to the strength of community and the power of shared history. He played a crucial role in preserving the memories of Drumlemble and Kintyre, ensuring that they would be passed down for future generations to appreciate and learn from. As we mourn the loss of Willie McMillan, we also celebrate his life and his dedication to the community. He may have left us, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him and in the pages of the history he helped write. Willie’s story will forever be a part of The Road to Drumleman Project, a reminder of the strength of community bonds and the importance of preserving our shared past.

Author: Alison Roman