Why The Conservatives Are The Next Election's Bud Light, According to Jenkingate

Why The Conservatives Are The Next Election’s Bud Light, According to Jenkingate

Boris Johnson, who had previously served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom, leaves the Privileges Committee in order to vote in the House of Commons through the use of the public address system. Images / Alamy It is not up to Harriet Harman to choose who gets a seat in parliament; rather, the responsibility for making that decision lies with the people of this country.

This payoff line from an irritated Boris Johnson hit at the heart of the nasty and hypocritical report condemning him by the House of Commons Privileges Committee, while at the same time highlighting the political aim that lies behind it. This report is so detrimental to the reputations of its authors that it can only serve to serve to serve to increase the public’s impression of the House of Commons as being unduly entitled, a source of fear and loathing, and cut off from the perspectives and concerns of the people.

Boris Johnson has not been given the chance to defend himself in a just proceeding, despite the fact that this right should have been extended to him regardless of whether or not he is guilty of the charges against him. His charges that the Privileges Committee is a “kangaroo court” are challenging to refute for any viewer who is attempting to keep their neutrality intact.