Varun Raj Pucha’s Obituary, Varun Raj Pucha’s Has Sadly Passed Away

Varun Raj Pucha’s Death, Obituary – With heavy hearts, we convey the heartbreaking news of Varun Raj Pucha’s passing. Our close-knit campus community mourns the loss of one of our own, and our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to Varun’s family and friends during this profoundly sorrowful time.

In the wake of this devastating loss, the university remains in constant communication with Varun’s family. We are committed to providing them with every possible form of assistance and support as they navigate the immense challenges that lie ahead. We stand beside them, sharing in their grief and offering a helping hand along their difficult journey.

We kindly ask that you join us in keeping Varun’s family in your thoughts and prayers. In these trying moments, the strength of our community is found in our collective support and compassion. Together, we can offer solace and comfort to those who are grappling with the immense pain of this loss.

In memory of Varun, we are currently in the process of organizing a service of remembrance and memorial on campus, scheduled for November 16, 2023. Detailed information will be shared with the Valparaiso University campus community via email, ensuring that everyone who wishes to pay their respects and remember Varun has the opportunity to do so.

Once again, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Varun Raj Pucha. Our hearts are heavy, and our thoughts are devoted to his family during this trying period. We fervently pray for their healing and hope that our collective support will serve as a source of strength for them.

In unity, we find solace, and in commemorating Varun’s life, we pay tribute to the enduring impact he had on our community. Together, we stand as a testament to the strength and compassion of the Valparaiso University family.

Author: Becky Hills