Ta’Rique Dodge Obituary, Family Identify Victim Involved In Shooting In Grand Rapids, Mich

Ta’Rique Dodge Obituary, Death – It has been determined that Ta’Rique Dodge, who was 25 years old at the time of the occurrence, was the victim of a gunshot that occurred over the weekend in Grand Rapids. The incident took place on a Saturday.

The mother of Dodge’s children has indicated that her husband was a dedicated worker who had an intense love for his family and all of his children, including Dodge’s own. She added that this love extended to all of her husband’s children, not just Dodge’s.

The Grand Rapids Police Department has a strong suspicion that Dodge was shot on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, namely in the 1000 block of McReynolds Street. This is where the department believes the shooting occurred.

According to the reports of law enforcement, Dodge went to the emergency room of a nearby medical facility early on Sunday morning, despite the fact that the gunshot wounds he was suffering from posed a significant risk to his life.

As a result of the injuries he endured, he did not make it through the ordeal alive. “All he did was work and take care of his kids,” his loved ones said, hailing Dodge as a selfless guy who was also an outstanding parent. “All he did was work and take care of his kids,” they said. “All he did was work and take care of his kids,”

Author: Becky Hills