Shaunagh Harte Obituary, Whitehall Colmcille Cherished Player Has Died

Shaunagh Harte Obituary, Death- We are devastated to share the news of Shaunagh Harte’s death from this world, a member of our Whitehall Colmcille family who will be sorely missed. Our hearts are broken at Shaunagh’s untimely passing, and our sincerest condolences go out to her loved ones and everyone she impacted during her short time here on Earth. Shaunagh Harte was an inspiration to her Whitehall Colmcille teammates and the community as a whole, and not just because of her athletic prowess.

She was able to put a smile on anyone’s face with her infectious positivity and genuine concern for others. Shaunagh brought happiness and delight to her loved ones till her very last breath. Despite her sickness, she fought it with the same unflinching bravery, tenacity, and resilience that defined her as a person. Even though she is no longer here with us in body, she will be in our hearts and minds forever. Shaunagh was a tremendous asset to our team as a player, and she gave 110% on the field.

Her camogie and football prowess were unparalleled, and she was a fierce competitor. Beginning her time with Whitehall Colmcille as a child, Shaunagh has grown up to be a proud representative of the club. Because of her efforts, she was named Dublin County’s Most Valuable Player. Shaunagh was a striker who led by example, whose teammates intuitively tried to find “Shaz” so she could do her magic with the ball. Off the field, Shaunagh made a career out of the worthy pursuit of helping young people learn. No one in her class could have asked for a better instructor.

Shaunagh exemplified all the qualities of a great teacher: she was dedicated, passionate, kind, and always willing to provide a helping hand. The diagnosis of breast cancer earlier this year presented Shaunagh with an unexpected and overwhelming task. She showed incredible bravery and resolve in the face of her sickness, and her example touched the hearts of everybody who knew her. The loss of Shaunagh as a granddaughter, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, girlfriend, teammate, and most importantly, a truly amazing friend, is tragic, but we must not lose sight of the honor it was to know her. Shaunagh, you are still filling our hearts with love and will be remembered always. We shall always remember you.

Author: Queen Miracle