Savvas Koureas Obituary, Bentleigh Greens Former Club President Has Peacefully Passed Away

Savvas Koureas Obituary, Death – Bentleigh Greens has been left with a heavy heart after hearing the news of the demise of Savvas Koureas, a previous President of the club who went away at the age of 78. Savvas Koureas was the cause of the club’s President when he passed away.

Savvas, who was born on the island of Cyprus in the town of Kambos tis Tsakistras, was a significant member of the club and one of the founding fathers of the organization. Regardless of whether or not his club was having a great season, he was always prepared to provide a helping hand and provide support for the endeavors of the organization. Savvas was among the initial group of parents to provide a hand in establishing the club. Savvas served as president of the club through some of its most successful and challenging times, yet he never once sought anything in return for his services.

Despite this, the club continued to thrive under his leadership. In point of fact, he never even considered expressing gratitude to the club for ensuring its continued existence. In recent years, Savvas could frequently be found on the sidelines shouting for his club and delivering some stern advice to the football operations personnel, regardless of whether or not they liked to hear it.

In addition to that, Savvas would offer the football operations staff some harsh criticism and guidance. Savvas, you will be greatly missed, and the community that you helped to develop won’t be the same after you’re gone; you played an essential role in making it what it is today. The community won’t be the same when you’re gone. I pray that the Lord would bless you and keep your soul.

Author: Becky Hills