Sarah Shonrock Obituary, The Englert Theatre Cherished Operations Director Has Passed Away

Sarah Shonrock Obituary, Death- Our beloved Operations Director, Sarah Shonrock, left us on Sunday night to be with the Lord. This information has shattered us. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by loving family members. The loss of Sarah has torn away the very fabric of The Englert and left an incalculable hole in all of our hearts. Sarah, who had been with us for 17 years, held the record for longest service. She was more than a member of staff; she personified The Englert’s commitment to its community and its goal.

She’ll be sorely missed by everyone. Her boundless kindness and unwavering commitment will live on in our company for years to come. Sarah’s unlimited kindness, originality, and compassion helped comfort and inspire all those who were lucky enough to call her a friend. Everyone she met was forever changed by the positive energy she offered, which was a combination of unconditional support and a warm sense of humor. She was our rock of stability throughout the chaos, and her determination inspired us all.

Sarah’s generosity and empathy never wavered, even as she faced an illness in ways no one could have predicted. Resilience in the face of hardship is indicative of the kind of person she was and the beliefs she espoused. Sarah Shonrock’s love, creativity, and care will never be duplicated, but her memory will serve as a compass to guide us toward a life worthy of her legacy. No one else quite matches Sarah Shonrock. We shall always remember her for upholding the values of love and devotion that she held dear.

The Englerts are heartbroken to hear about Sarah’s passing and want to offer their sincerest condolences to her loved ones. Sarah Shonrock was a brilliant woman who made a lasting impact on our lives and our community, and we share in your sorrow at her passing. For the good she brought to these fields, we are eternally indebted to her. Sarah will be sorely missed by everybody who knew her, but she will be remembered with love and respect forever. It’s over, it’s over, it’s time to die.


Author: Queen Miracle