Ruth White Obituary, Royal Marines Judo Beloved Member Has Passed Away

Ruth White Obituary, Death- It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the demise of Ruth White, who was a much-loved member of the Royal Marines Judo Team. We are saddened by the passing of a brilliant person whose influence was felt well beyond the confines of the judo community. Ruth’s departure from our midst has created a vacuum that can never be filled, and we grieve the loss of a remarkable woman. Ruth devoted her life to the service of the Armed Forces by spending a significant portion of it working as the Tournament Director for the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Army, and Armed Forces.

During this time, her husband Tony worked with her as the Referee in Charge. Together, they formed a formidable force that made significant contributions to the prosperity and reputation of our competition via unrivaled levels of enthusiasm and dedication. Ruth’s hard efforts left an everlasting effect on the community of martial artists by ensuring that the spirit of competition and sportsmanship remained at the forefront of every event. But Ruth’s effect was felt far beyond the confines of the ring.

Those who had the honor of knowing her treasured her as a friend, looked up to her as a guide and were motivated by her example. Her thoughtfulness, experience, and contagious enthusiasm warmed the hearts of a great number of people, and her absence will be keenly lamented by all those who had the privilege of spending time in her company. While we are in mourning over this great loss, we would like to send our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Tony, Ruth’s family, and everyone else who had the good fortune to count Ruth as a friend. During this trying time, please know that we feel your pain and are here to provide our unflinching support.

The people whose lives Ruth changed will carry her legacy forward in their memories, and the judo community and the armed forces will always remember the contributions Ruth made to both of those communities. The Royal Marines Judo Team and the greater community that she had such a significant impact on will both miss her very much after her passing. Ruth White, we pray that you are finally at peace, and we are grateful for the indelible impact that you have left on all of our hearts and in the world of judo. In the years to come, we will continue to draw motivation and direction from your memories.

Author: Queen Miracle