Richard Jones Obituary, Member of the Hirwaun & Penderyn Community Council Has Died

Richard Jones Obituary, Death – We were left with an immense sense of sorrow upon hearing the news of Cllr. Richard Jones’s demise, and we will always remember him with affection and gratitude. Cllr Jones has been serving as a community leader on the Council of Local Authorities for the past five years, during which time he has been responsible for representing the Hirwaun Ward.

During this entire time period, Jones has been a contributing member of the Community Council in active participation. During that time, he has served as both the Chair and Vice Chair of the Community Council. He is currently serving as Chair. He is now acting in the role of Chair. In addition to this, he has served on a number of committees within the council to ensure that it is operating in an efficient manner. This was done so that the council may continue to fulfill its responsibilities.

In addition to being featured prominently in our campaign titled “Spotlight on Hirwaun & Penderyn” and in our event titled “Cost of Living,” he was also featured prominently in both editions of the Corona Chronicle, which we distributed to residents who were placed under lockdown during the incident. He was highlighted in a large way in both editions of the newspaper. In addition to this, he was covered extensively in a substantial number of the Corona Chronicle’s articles, both of which were published.

Not only has his death left a void in our community, but it has also created a void in the lives of those individuals who were closest to him as well as those who were a part of his wider network of friends. The fact that Richard could carry on a conversation with such a vast number of individuals had a positive impact on each and every one of us. The members of the Hirwaun and Penderyn Community Council would like to extend their gratitude to you, Richard, for everything you’ve done for the community and wish you a restful evening. We hope you have a good one.

Author: Mike Wills