Richard Bellow Obituary, St Mark Catholic Church Cherished Emeritus Monsignor Has Died

Richard Bellow Obituary, Death- Our much loved Pastor Emeritus, Monsignor Richard Bellow, has passed away in a tranquil manner, and it is with profound sorrow and heavy hearts that we share this news with you. At 2:45 p.m., he passed from this world to the next while he was surrounded by the love of his faith and the people who loved him dear. Monsignor Bellow devoted his entire life to serving the community with unflinching commitment and to promoting the lessons of compassion, love, and faith.

He did this by spreading the word about the Catholic faith. As the spiritual head of our parish, he had the privilege of touching the lives of a great number of people, and he imprinted himself indelibly on the hearts of those who had the opportunity to know him. In due time, details on the celebration of the life and legacy of Monsignor Richard Bellow will be communicated to the community. This will provide members of the community the opportunity to join together and pay tribute to a man who committed his entire life to helping other people.

During this time of loss, we respectfully ask that you keep Monsignor Bellow’s soul in your thoughts and prayers for the duration of this difficult period. Let us join together in praying to the Lord to bestow upon him eternal rest and may the light of eternity shine upon him. Within the confines of the prayer that he would so frequently impart to us: “Grant him eternal rest, O Lord, and let the light of eternity shine upon him.

Through the grace of God, may the souls of all the faithful people who have passed away find eternal rest. Amen.” The legacy of Monsignor Richard Bellow will continue to live on in our hearts, and the lessons he taught us will serve as a compass as we navigate the difficulties of life. May he rest in the everlasting peace and joy that comes from being held by the Almighty? Dear Monsignor, may you finally rest in peace. We shall always draw strength and encouragement from the love and faith that you left behind.

Author: Queen Miracle