Obituary: In Loving Memory Of Beloved Little Finley Price

Finley Price Obituary, Death- The news of the departure of our much loved Finley, who transcended her pain and found consolation beyond this life, has left us with heavy hearts as we make this announcement. After 6 o’clock that night, Finley passed from this life. There will always be a void in our lives due to Finley’s passing, but we may find comfort in the precious memories she has left us. Finley’s last words were a touching interaction with a select group of loved ones, bearing evidence of the breadth and depth of her devotion.

She looked into our eyes, and with a murmured “I love you,” she etched those words into our very beings. With a heartfelt motion, she pointed to her own heart before pointing to ours and said, “I’ll be in your heart, and you’ll be in mine.” Neither of us realized that the profound ideas we were sharing would be our last. Finley, on the eve of her death, responded to our shows of affection by wiping a tear from her eye. She was surrounded by the love of Dave and other people. What happened next was quite touching.

In and of itself, it was a moving reminder of the depth of feeling that still resided within her. As Finley was getting ready to embark on her final expedition, an unexpected development transpired. The expressionless face she had been presenting just minutes before she left us turned into a wide grin. It was a gift, a preview of the joy that awaited her beyond. For this, she felt immense gratitude. The loss of Finley has left a gaping hole in our hearts, but we take solace in the fact that she is no longer in discomfort.

Having the love and support of family and friends, as well as their prayers, has been a great source of strength throughout this difficult time. To all who have helped us through this difficult time, we offer our deepest appreciation. Despite the fact that Finley is not here with us physically anymore, her love and spirit live on in the memories that we cherish. I hope and pray that her soul finds eternal peace and that the love she gave us never fades.

Author: Queen Miracle