Michael Crossan Obituary, Mallusk Harriers Longtime Resident At Mallusk Harriers Has Passed Away

Michael Crossan Obituary, Death – The Mallusk Harriers community is in mourning following the sudden and deeply saddening news of the passing of their friend, Michael Crossan. Michael was not only a dedicated and accomplished runner but also a beloved member of the club. His quiet and unassuming demeanor, coupled with his remarkable running prowess, left a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of knowing him. This article serves as a tribute to Michael, celebrating his life and the profound impact he had on the running community, both within the Mallusk Harriers and beyond. Michael Crossan was not just an ordinary runner; he was a force to be reckoned with on the cross-country trails. His commitment to the sport was unwavering, and his determination to excel shone brightly. Those who had the pleasure of running alongside him knew that they were in the presence of a true athlete. Michael’s passion for cross-country running was infectious, and he served as an inspiration to many within the Mallusk Harriers.

Beyond his athletic accomplishments, Michael was known for being a true gentleman of the sport. His humility and modesty were qualities that endeared him to everyone he encountered. He never sought the spotlight but instead focused on quietly and diligently pursuing his passion for running. Michael’s camaraderie and support within the Mallusk Harriers left a positive impact on the club, fostering a sense of unity and friendship that will be cherished and remembered. In the days leading up to his passing, Michael Crossan had expressed his determination to return to training and to once again embrace the thrill of cross-country running. His optimism and unwavering spirit were a testament to his character. Despite facing illness, he remained resolute in his commitment to the sport he loved. Michael’s resilience serves as a powerful example of how determination and a love for running can transcend life’s challenges.

As much as Michael was cherished within the Mallusk Harriers, we must recognize that his passing leaves a deep void within his own family. Our hearts go out to his beloved wife, Collette, and their three children, Eva, Eoin, and Cormac. The Club Committee wishes to extend their heartfelt condolences to Michael’s family during this difficult time. We hope that they find solace in the knowledge that their husband and father was not only an exceptional runner but also a cherished friend to many. Michael Crossan will be reposing at his family home on Dermont Road, Newtownabbey, and visitors are welcome on Monday, November 6th, and Tuesday, November 7th. A Requiem Mass will be held on Wednesday, November 8th, at St Bernard’s Church in Glengormley at 10:00 am, followed by his burial in Milltown Cemetery. The Mallusk Harriers have lost not just a fellow runner but a friend, mentor, and an embodiment of the spirit of the sport. Michael Crossan’s memory will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of all who had the privilege of knowing him. His dedication to running, his humility, and his unwavering optimism serve as a beacon of inspiration for the running community. As we bid farewell to a remarkable athlete and a cherished friend, we also celebrate the life of Michael Crossan and the profound legacy he leaves behind.

Author: Alison Roman