Marissa Burke Obituary, Deer Park Student Hit By A Suspected Drunken Driver, Killed As She Walked Home From School

Marissa Burke Obituary, Death – After being struck by a vehicle driven by an allegedly inebriated driver as she walked home from school a few days earlier, a family in Deer Park went through the sad process of removing their daughter’s life support on Friday. The accident occurred when the girl was walking home from school.

Marissa Burke, who was 17 years old at the time, was the focus of their hopes and prayers; nonetheless, the medical professionals did not anticipate her surviving the illness.

Approximately 1:20 this morning, the breathing tube was removed, and shortly after that, she passed away in a really peaceful manner – she was such a brave patient, according to her stepfather Ryan Herring. The speaker continued by saying, “And it only took about five minutes, and she was ready to go – we all knew it,”
Marissa and her sister were on their way home from the Deer Park High School South Campus when they were struck by a car near the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Wildwood Drive.

On Friday, Marissa’s sister Bailey supplied a description of her by stating that she is reserved, eccentric, and hilarious. Bailey’s words came from a conversation they had about their sister. Bailey told us about her friend, “She was very funny, very funny – and very caring, she put everybody first,” and she provided this information with us about her friend.

In order for Marissa’s mother to be able to be with her daughter, she was released from the hospital, where she had been having therapy for concerns related to the treatment she received for her cancer. Her family claims that she has now been readmitted to the facility where she was initially treated.

Author: Becky Hills