Margaret Sumney Obituary, Cherished Pittsburgh, PA Resident Has Died

Margaret Sumney Obituary, Death- The Sumney residence was the scene of a horrific crime in South Fayette, a quiet suburb southwest of Pittsburgh. South Fayette Police responded to a welfare check on September 2, 2019, and found the brutal murder of 67-year-old Margaret Sumney by her son, David Sumney. When police entered the Sumney residence, they saw a nightmare. Once peaceful living room, bedroom, and dining room were stained with blood, silent witnesses to the savagery that had occurred there. The lifeless body of Margaret Sumney, 67, lay in deep distress after a brutal crime.

Margaret’s autopsy revealed a broken back, shattered ribs, and numerous wounds and slashes on her torso and face. Blunt-force injuries caused death, revealing the savagery of that day. When the authorities found David Sumney, the victim’s 30-year-old son, with some of her jewelry, they charged him with receiving stolen property. A darker truth emerged as the investigation into Margaret’s death progressed. Homicide officers discovered a horrifying story that implicated David Sumney in his mother’s murder.

The investigation found a disturbing pattern of sadistic behavior, indicating that the son had killed and tortured his mother.  The evidence showed that Margaret Sumney’s death was the result of a terrifying spiral into darkness. Once a son, David Sumney was now an American monster capable of unimaginable brutality toward his mother. South Fayette was shaken by Margaret Sumney’s horrible murder. Residents who had known the Sumney family as part of a close-knit neighborhood were shocked that a son could perpetrate such a horrific deed against his mother.

The court actions that followed would demonstrate the justice system’s resiliency by bringing closure to the bereaved community and justice to Margaret Sumney’s memory. The murder of Margaret Sumney by her son, David Sumney, shows how evil may lurk in seemingly ordinary lives. As the investigation into this American monster continues, South Fayette struggles with a crime that shattered their sense of safety. The terrible and unsettling case of Margaret Sumney continues to be investigated by law enforcement.

Author: Queen Miracle