Kate Wilson Obituary, Founder Of Avon Valley Community Matters Has Sadly Passed Away

Kate Wilson Obituary, Death – We are sharing these images to honor our Revd Kate Wilson. Kate, founder and leader of Avon Valley Community Matters, died peacefully, but her community outreach projects continue her legacy of kindness.

She is talented and passionate about helping the bereaved, lonely, and all ages in need, and her goal of ‘reaching out to all’ has come to reality in the Friendship Group, Miscarriage Support Group, Playgroups, Families Together events, and more Kate’s goal came true when our charity shop opened in March and became a community hub. Her inspiration, help, and accomplishments made us lucky to know and work with her.

Thank you, Kate. Staff and Trustees remarks: Kate strengthened us more than we could alone. Her kindness and affection will be missed.” Irene Kate was loving and compassionate. Working with her was a privilege. Your absence is felt.

Thank you for being you.” Sue A remarkable woman. Kate, your passion and dedication inspired us. Your efforts are appreciated.” Stephen “You inspired me in more ways than I can say and words cannot express how much I will miss you.” Sarah is an encouragement to us all.

The efforts and lives she affected continue her legacy—thank you. Will miss you, Lady.” Daisy, I feel lucky to have worked with Kate, my boss, mentor, and friend. She taught me true kindness.” Laura

Author: Becky Hills