Justin Sartin Obituary, Homicide Victim In Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Identified

Justin Sartin Obituary, Death- We are devastated to inform you of the sudden passing of Justin D. Sartin, beloved son, brother, and friend also known as Justin Sartin-Scott. You may have known him as either Justin D. Sartin or Justin Sartin-Scott. Justin, a 25-year-old man from Portland, Oregon, was murdered on November 15, 2023. His body was found near the corner of Southeast 122nd Avenue and Southeast Clinton Street. Everyone who met Justin in 1998 was instantly brightened by his infectious sense of humor.

His family has been informed of his unexpected passing, and they have begged that they be granted some privacy at this terrible time. The photo that I’ve attached is a sweet reminder of the joy that Justin’s birth gave to the world. The tragic events that led up to Justin’s death are tough to grasp. With the medical examiner’s finding that he died from a gunshot wound, we are confronted with the futility of such violence. Early on that dreadful Wednesday morning, Justin’s life was cut short, and ever since then, his loved ones have had to deal with the void that his death has left in their lives.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Homicide Unit has taken up the investigation. Justin’s death is being investigated by Detectives Sean Macomber and Rico Beniga. They want to know the truth and see that he gets what’s coming to him. Since the person or people responsible for this atrocity were able to leave the scene before police arrived, no arrests have been made as of yet. On the night in question, officers from the East Precinct were called to the area after reports of gunfire at a store near Southeast 122nd Avenue and Southeast Clinton Street. They found an adult male named Justin who had been shot in the upper body.

Unfortunately, Justin did not survive his injuries after being taken to a neighboring hospital despite their best efforts to rescue him by administering life-saving procedures. To remember Justin, his family and friends can only find comfort in the memories they shared and grieve his unfulfilled potential. We have gathered here to condemn the act of violence that led to Justin’s death and to demand that justice be done, even as the community mourns his loss. Justin D. Sartin, may you rest in peace, and may your memory be a call to end the senseless violence that has plagued our communities.

Author: Queen Miracle