Joshua Hudnall Obituary, A Life Cut Short By Liver Failure In 2018

Joshua Hudnall Obituary, Death – Joshua’s tumultuous life became a focal point in an episode of “Evil Lives Here,” a documentary series on Investigation Discovery (ID) renowned for delving into true crimes through interviews, police footage, and family photos. His episode, titled “Let Her Rot,” unfolded in the second installment of Season 5 (2019).

Unraveling the chilling tale of how his mother, Stephanie, orchestrated the murder of Joshua’s father, William Hudnall, by coercing Joshua’s sister, Guenevere Hudnall, to bludgeon him with an axe. The sinister motive behind this heinous act was the pursuit of government benefits, a desperate measure to alleviate the financial strain on the family whose mobile home was on the brink of foreclosure.

The tragic event occurred on June 9th, 2011, when Stephanie and Guenevere drove to William’s home in Hawthorne, Florida. Under the cover of darkness, Guenevere attacked her sleeping father with a pickaxe, inflicting fatal blows to his head and chest. The aftermath of their crime led to both mother and daughter being apprehended, tried, and subsequently convicted of second-degree murder, each receiving a 40-year prison sentence.

Throughout the episode, Joshua, a resilient figure in the face of adversity, revealed his suspicions that his mother had manipulated Guenevere into committing the unthinkable. He recounted a childhood marked by his mother’s cunning influence, a precursor to the tragic events that unfolded later in life. Despite his efforts to uncover the motive behind the gruesome act by visiting his incarcerated mother and sister, Joshua remained mystified about their desperate need for money.

Tragically, Joshua’s own life took a devastating turn, succumbing to liver failure shortly after the episode was filmed. His untimely death cast a somber shadow over the narrative, underscoring the weight of the challenges he endured. The producer, Tracy Ullman, acknowledged this heart-wrenching development in a note, adding another layer of poignancy to Joshua’s already turbulent story.

Author: John Pack