John Parker Obituary, Beloved Member Of Assemblies Of God Home Missions Has Passed Away

John Parker Obituary, Death – After serving in the ministry for half a century with the Assemblies of God, John Parker has passed away and is now with the Lord and Savior. It is with deep regret that we share this news with you.
Our gratitude goes out to his wife Pauline for providing this memorial: John’s parents, Joseph and Daisy, raised the family in Leeds, where he and his sister, Susan, were also born.

After an elderly woman who was gathering youngsters to send to the local Sunday School visited him, he had a change of heart and became a Christian. When he was 12, he claimed that he was too old to travel, but his father forced him to go nonetheless, which surprised and dissatisfied him. Because there were probably close to one hundred active children there, it must have been helpful.

Because of this, the Ulyett family as a whole decided to become Christians and start attending services led by Pastor Sidney Ulyett in Leeds, who was Pauline’s father. John dropped out of school at the age of 18 and submitted an application to London Bible College, but he was ordered to wait a year before enrolling. Instead, between the years 1965 and 1966, he worked as a Herald under the direction of Pastor Keith Monument, who was his superior. This entailed going to assist at extremely small churches with only the costs of travel being covered.

After that, he began his career as a worker for home missions in the communities of Market Weighton, Rugeley, Stratford Coleford, and Little Hampton.

Author: Becky Hills