Jillian Ludwig Obituary, New Jersey, Nashville College Student Hit And Killed In A Tragic Collision

Jillian Ludwig Obituary, Death – The parents of a freshman student at Belmont University who passed away after being struck by a stray bullet fired by a career criminal have spoken out, expressing their grief and claiming that they feel as though a piece of their lives has been stolen away from them. At approximately 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a bullet hit 18-year-old Jillian Ludwig of New Jersey in the back of the head while she was walking along a track in a park in Nashville, Tennessee. Jillian was visiting Nashville from New Jersey.

According to the reports of the police, she had been clinging to life for more than a day until she passed away in the late hours at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre. Shaquille Taylor, 29, is accused of murdering their daughter and was arrested in connection with the shooting. She is facing accusations of aggravated assault as well as evidence tampering, and she was being held on a bond of $280,000 at the time of her arrest.

Taylor has a long history of criminal activity, and in 2021, he was suspected of shooting into a car while a three-year-old and a one-year-old were riding in the rear seat of the vehicle. Matt Ludwig suggested that a criminal with a history of committing multiple offences and who is believed to have mental health concerns should be dealt with in a facility or in some other method that addresses such issues. It is not acceptable to consider releasing him back into the community as a solution.

Taylor was first arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Although Taylor admitted to committing the crime, the judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton decided that Taylor was unable to stand trial and dismissed the charges. In light of the unfair circumstances surrounding their daughter’s passing, Ludwig’s parents are having a difficult time coming to grips with the loss of their child.


Author: Mike Wills