Jeremy Diaz Death, Rock Mill Loop In Georgetown Resident Has Died

Jeremy Diaz Obituary, Death –  We want the family and friends of Jeremy Diaz to know how sorry we are for their loss. On September 11, 2023, we received the devastating news of the passing of Jeremy, a cherished member of our community. During a heated argument at a home on the 300 block of Rock Mill Loop in Georgetown, Jeremy was shot and killed. Williamson County Sheriff’s Office officers responded to a report of a home invasion and found two adults and a 6-year-old child injured. The 39-year-old suspect was later identified as Daniel Logan.

The two victims were quickly located, and once there, they were taken to the hospital to get the immediate care they required. As the Diaz family mourns the loss of Jeremy and the Williamson County community struggles to come to terms with this tragedy, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office offers its deepest condolences. As they go through this terrible ordeal, please know that you have our thoughts and prayers. The local law enforcement and prosecutor’s office are already investigating this brutal crime thoroughly.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office will present the case to a grand jury for consideration if the autopsy conducted by the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office indicates that capital murder charges are warranted. When the District Attorney’s Office seeks justice by prosecuting those responsible for this tragedy, we will support them wholeheartedly. The outpouring of support for the Diaz family exemplifies the resilience of our community in the face of tragedy.

Jeremy was not only a beloved friend and neighbor, but also a young man whose life was cut tragically short. Gracie Perez, Public Information Officer for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, has been asked to convey our condolences. The best way to honor Jeremy Diaz is to think fondly of him and use his name to protest violence and injustice. My heart goes out to his loved ones as they grieve this terrible loss; may they find peace and solace in whatever form that takes for them.