Jenifer Duckworth Obituary, Longtime Resident Of Brunswick, GA Has Passed Away

Jenifer Duckworth Obituary, Death – Jenifer Duckworth, who had been my wife and the mother of my children, passed away suddenly while she was sleeping yesterday evening. Her passing came as a shock to everyone. When we first encountered her, she had not yet reached the age of 50. We are working together in order to get through this despite the fact that we are all still in shock. We need to get through this together.

We are being cared for and provided for by other people, most crucially by one another, who are attending to our requirements and ensuring that they are satisfied. We were able to work through our issues and get to a healthy place in our relationship after we divorced each other, despite the fact that Duckie and I had our fair share of arguments during the course of our marriage.

This is one of my favorite images of her with our children, and it is also one of my favorite pictures in general. The reason I like it so much is that it shows both of our children together. She had a wonderful “old soul,” was an unyielding advocate for our children, and was always good for a good laugh (and/or a juicy bit of news).

I will never be able to rid myself of the warm and fuzzy feelings that I have for her because of all of these reasons, as well as all that the two of us have gone through together, because I will always have these things for her.

Author: Becky Hills