Howard Coggins Obituary, Longtime Friend of the Curzon Has Passed Away

Howard Coggins Obituary, Death – Our most sincere condolences are extended to the Curzon family upon hearing the sad news that Howard Coggins, a longtime friend of theirs who had recently battled a brief illness, had passed away the week before last.
The post of Trustee at the Curzon was one that Howard held until 2021, giving him a total of seven years in that role.

He was an intelligent presence who never allowed a casual assumption to be unchallenged, and it was always a lot of fun to be a part of Board meetings when he was there at the table. He never allowed a casual assumption to be unchallenged. His laughter was so hearty and infectious that I assume that everybody in the audience who was present throughout the Trustee meetings would have been able to hear it.

He was considered to be one of the Curzons’ most loyal and faithful friends. His exceptional work as the narrator of the “Gromit in the Rain” movie, which was produced to collect money for the restoration of the roof, will live on in ignominy for all of time. During the course of the campaign, prior to each screening that was being held, he would talk in a low voice that contained an equal measure of melancholy and menace.

Because of this, the audience would be encouraged to make substantial donations, which would finally result in the roof being repaired and becoming free of leaks. He had a dream that Clevedon would become a thriving center for artistic and cultural expression, and his energy and perseverance continue to inspire us even to this day. During this difficult time, my sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. May you find comfort in knowing that you are in my thoughts.

Author: Mike Wills