Graham Moore Obituary, Beloved Member Of Golden West Apprenticeships Has Sadly Passed Away

Graham Moore Obituary, Death – Today, we commemorate our beloved coworker Graham Moore, who passed away the day before yesterday. Before taking his retirement in January 2016, Graham had been employed by Golden West Apprenticeships for more than 13 years. Graham was a motorcycle enthusiast who also worked as a mechanic. He had a tremendous passion for his profession and went above and beyond to make sure that every trainee he worked with felt supported and cared for.

Graham had a deep passion for his job. He had the incredible capacity to see the best in people and their potential, and he would do whatever to make sure that they recognized it in themselves and were successful in achieving it. He had an unusual ability to perceive the best in others. His unshakeable faith in the capabilities of people was wonderfully motivational.

Graham treated his coworkers as if they were members of his family, and his dedication to his profession as a Training and Employment Coordinator was clear in all that he did, even going so far as to get his ear pierced in order to obtain an opportunity for a young apprentice. Graham was a true leader in the field.

For those of us who had the opportunity to collaborate with Graham, we will never forget the guidance or companionship he provided us during that time. Even now, we can clearly make out Dad calling us kiddo. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Graham will grievously miss him. Graham, may you finally rest in peace. You will never be forgotten by anyone.

Author: Becky Hills