Gary Callendar Obituary, Original Guitarist, The Drones UK Mourns The Death Of Gary Callendar

Gary Callendar Obituary, Death – It is with profound sadness and deep regret that The Drones announce the passing of their original guitarist, the great friend, and absolute legend, Gus Gangrene, also known as Gary Callendar. Gus was an iconic figure in the world of punk rock, and his influence on the Manchester punk scene is immeasurable. He left an indelible mark that will resonate through the annals of music history.

For those fortunate enough to have witnessed The Drones in their early days with Gus on stage, it was an experience that left an indelible mark. His striking presence and supercool persona were captivating, embodying the essence of punk rebellion. As a guitarist, he set a template that helped define the raw, untamed energy of Manchester punk.

Gus Gangrene’s impact extended far beyond the music. His magnetic personality was infectious, and he had an uncanny ability to create chaos in the most entertaining and unforgettable way. His larger-than-life presence was not only felt by his bandmates but also by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

As The Drones, past and present members, and fans alike, we bid farewell to Gus Gangrene with heavy hearts. His legacy will continue to reverberate through the punk rock community, inspiring new generations of musicians and fans.

In this time of loss, we say goodbye to Gus with a mixture of tears and smiles, knowing that his spirit will live on in the music he created and the memories he left us with. Rest in peace, Gus, and may you continue to cause mayhem wherever you are. We love you, and you will forever be a punk rock legend.

Author: Becky Hills