Frederic Maselli Obituary, NYPD Officer Shoots And Kills His Fiancée Before Committing Suicide

Frederic Maselli Obituary Death – The tragic news of the passing of Frederic Maselli is that an officer with the New York Police Department is suspected of shooting and killing his fiancée, who was just 19 years old, and then turning the gun on himself in the flat that the couple occupied on Henry Hudson Parkway. Frederic Maselli, age 40, was a New York Police Department veteran who had served for seven years. He had been with the department.

He fired five shots at his fiancee, Shirley Fontanez, hitting her three times in the stomach and twice in the head before turning the gun on himself and firing one shot into his head using a 9 millimetre revolver. He then committed suicide by hanging himself. The bodies weren’t found until after one o’clock on Monday afternoon, when police from Mr. Maselli’s precinct, the 34th in Washington Heights, came seeking for him because he hadn’t shown up for work and hadn’t answered his mobile phone.

They had become concerned since he hadn’t been answering his phone. Isidor Marcus was one of the few nearby residents who heard the gunshots, but it wasn’t until much later that the dead were discovered. On the evening of July 20, Ms. Fontanez went out with friends to La Marina, which is situated in close proximity to the neighbourhood of Washington Heights in which she resides. It was said that Mr. Maselli called Ms. Fontanez on Saturday and suggested that she was having an affair with another man.

He pointed the finger at the phone. On Saturday, Mr. Maselli allegedly made repeated calls to Ms. Espinoza’s daughter’s phone. This information comes from Ms. Espinoza.

Author: Mike Wills