Frank Fletcher Obituary, Buncrana Hearts Fc Mourns The Death Of Club President

Frank Fletcher Obituary, Death – In remembrance of our good friend and former Club President Frank Fletcher, who passed away on Monday, there will be a moment of silence observed prior to the start of today’s game at Castle Park. The game will be played in his honor. We ask that you join us at this time so that we can pay our respects to Frank Fletcher. The news that Frank Fletcher had passed away came as a surprise to everyone. After a minute of silence has been given in his honor, the funeral ceremony for Frank Fletcher will then get underway.

On Monday, Frank Fletcher passed away after waging a valiant and long-lasting battle against cancer. It has been decided that Castle Park will serve as the site of the get-together that is scheduled to take place later today. The gathering will take place there.

It would mean a great deal to both of us if you were able to come and be present with us as we paid our respects to Frank, so if that was at all possible, please do come. If you could, it would mean a great deal to both you and us. You have my gratitude for helping me.

It would be great if you could abstain from upsetting the individuals who are already present on the grounds of the castle, as that is going to be the location where the desired time of calm is going to be observed. I want to express my appreciation for your help in advance. #BHFC

Author: Becky Hills