Elianne Andam Obituary,15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Stabbed To Death In Croydon – Family Arrange Funeral

Elianne Andam Obituary, Death – Elianne Andam, who was only 15 years old when she died, was attacked and stabbed to death when she was walking to school. Her loved ones and friends have come for her funeral.

After getting together with two female friends, the young adult was murdered on September 27 in Croydon, which is located in south London. On Saturday, a white carriage pulled by four white horses with pink plumes was used to transport her casket to the service that was being held at the New Life Christian Centre.

The pallbearers who escorted the casket into the chapel wore dark suits, white shirts, and pink ties. They wore these clothes while carrying the casket. A day before the funeral, two of Elianne’s aunts expressed to Sky News how their family was “broken” by the loss of their loved one. “Never in my life have I been in such severe discomfort.

Since it took place, this is the very first time I’ve ventured outside the house. Ruby Paintsi claimed that whenever she saw her sister, who was also her mother, all she saw was her crying. “We are in shambles. The entirety of the family was devastated. I keep waking up thinking this is a dream, but it’s not – it’s reality, and she’s gone.” “I keep waking up thinking this is a dream, but it’s not.

Author: Becky Hills