Elaine Ish Obituary, Longtime Resident At Redwood City, California Has Passed Away

Elaine Ish Obituary, Death – In a bittersweet moment, the Riese family bids farewell to their matriarch, Elaine Ish, who peacefully passed away on November 13, 2023, at the age of 97 and a half. As they mourn her physical absence, they celebrate a life rich in love, unwavering support, and infectious humor that shaped the foundation of their family. Elaine’s legacy is one of enduring affection, reflected in the cherished memories and the profound impact she had on her children, grandchildren, and all who were fortunate enough to know her. Elaine Ish’s life journey spanned nearly a century, during which she navigated the challenges of different eras, embracing each moment with grace and resilience. Her devotion to family was evident in the love and care she showered upon her three children—Janna Riese, Jon Riese, and Jennifer Riese Marino. They were truly blessed to grow up under the warm embrace of her unconditional love and unwavering support.

Elaine’s love extended beyond the immediate family circle. Daughter-in-law Kelly Riese and son-in-law David Marino became integral parts of her extended family, welcomed with open arms and genuine affection. The Riese home, guided by Elaine’s nurturing spirit, was a haven where love knew no bounds. A remarkable trait that endeared Elaine to all who knew her was her infectious humor. In the face of life’s challenges, she had a knack for finding the lighter side, sprinkling joy and laughter wherever she went. The Riese siblings, Janna, Jon, and Jennifer, fondly recall the countless moments of shared laughter that created a tapestry of

Author: Alison Roman