Drake DalSasso Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Beloved Drake DalSasso

Drake DalSasso Obituary, Death – This is my son, Drake Thomas DalSasso, who is only a toddler right now. At the age of four, he passed away suddenly as a result of an AVM that had not been diagnosed. He was (and will always be) my closest confidant and trusted companion.

It was clear that he looked up to his mother, and the two of us participated in everything together, right down to sharing a bed. He was the bright spot in my life and the inspiration for me to keep going. His younger siblings showed the same level of adoration for him that he did for them. After suffering the loss of two babies, I gave birth to him when I was 43 years old.

Although my physicians pretty much advised me to give up, I was adamant about having another child despite their advice. Even though I only had him for four years, Drake was a blessing from God to me, and I thank God every day for granting me that blessing.

Both playing with his superheroes and watching videos of Ryan’s World and Blippi on my phone were two of his favorite things to do. His favorite superhero to play with was Batman. Because of his selfless decision to give his organs, he has been hailed as a true-life superhero. A young boy of five years old was the recipient of his heart.

Author: Becky Hills