Donna Colleen Obituary, Member Of Christian & Missionary Alliance Has Passed Away

Donna Colleen Obituary, Death – In the quiet town of Northfield, a remarkable woman named Donna Colleen Clason, aged 90, bid farewell to this world on November 17, 2023. Her departure marked the end of a life that touched many, leaving behind a legacy of love, kindness, and unwavering faith. Donna’s journey on this earth was not just a mere existence; it was a testament to the values she held dear and the impact she made on those fortunate enough to know her. Donna Colleen Clason’s life was a testament to purposeful living. Born into a world vastly different from today’s, she navigated through nine decades, witnessing significant changes and facing numerous challenges. Yet, through it all, Donna maintained an unwavering commitment to her values and principles.

Her life was characterized by a deep sense of purpose, evident in her dedication to the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s Great Commission Fund. This fund supports global missions, reflecting Donna’s commitment to spreading the message of love, compassion, and faith to people around the world. In lieu of flowers, Donna’s family has requested that memorials be directed to this fund, ensuring that her passion for global outreach continues to make a positive impact long after her passing. At the core of Donna’s remarkable life was her unshakeable faith. Her connection with the Lord was not merely a Sunday obligation; it was a source of strength, solace, and guidance throughout her journey. The Northfield Hospital became a poignant place of transition for Donna, as she peacefully crossed the threshold from this life to the next. In her final moments, surrounded by the care of the hospital staff, Donna’s faith remained a constant, providing comfort to both her and those who loved her.

Donna’s dedication to the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s Great Commission Fund was a tangible expression of her faith in action. By supporting global missions, she exemplified the belief that love knows no borders and that every individual deserves the chance to experience the transformative power of faith. Beyond her commitment to philanthropy and faith, Donna Colleen Clason leaves behind a legacy of love. Whether as a devoted family member, a caring friend, or an active member of her community, Donna touched the lives of those around her with genuine kindness and compassion. Her warm smile, gentle words, and selfless acts of service created a ripple effect of love that will be remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing her. As we bid farewell to Donna Colleen Clason, we celebrate a life well-lived—a life marked by purpose, faith, and love. Her legacy serves as an inspiration to us all, urging us to live with intention, hold onto our beliefs steadfastly, and spread love generously. In directing memorials to the Great Commission Fund, Donna’s family ensures that her passion for global missions lives on, becoming a beacon of hope for generations to come. Though she may no longer be physically present, Donna’s spirit lives on, and her impact will continue to

Author: Alison Roman