Dana Davis Missing, Brownsville, TN Woman Found Dead Near Cobb Crossing And Highway 79

Dana Davis Missing: As a direct result of the discovery of a body in the general vicinity of Haywood County on Tuesday evening, an investigation into a probable homicide has been initiated in that part of North Carolina. According to Haywood County Sheriff Billy Garrett, the deceased person’s body was discovered by farmers who were harvesting a soy bean field close to the crossroads of Highway 79 and Cobb Crossing. The county in question is Haywood County, and the crossroads in question is there.

According to Garrett, the office of the local coroner was called out to the scene, and when they were there, they confirmed that the person who had passed away was a girl. Sadly, the girl’s name has not been released. Her skeletal remains were taken to the office of the medical examiner in Memphis so that they could be positively identified and so that a probe into the events leading up to her departure could be carried out there. Her death was ruled a suicide.

The sheriff’s office filed a missing person report for a woman who goes by the name Dana Davis and is 52 years old more than three weeks ago. Dana Davis is also known as Dana Davis. When she was seen by anyone else, she had recently departed from her residence on Cobb Crossing and was making her way toward an unknown destination. According to the claims made by Sheriff Garrett, the family of Davis has apparently been updated on the ongoing activities that are taking place.

Author: Mike Wills