Beyoncé Wears Sheer Jeweled Minidress With Clear Kitten Heels

Beyoncé kicked off the North American portion of her Renaissance Tour on Saturday night, and she did so while wearing a breathtaking minidress that had draped chains and jewels. Her actual legs were on view. The musical legend appeared on stage at the Rogers Centre in Toronto wearing the short translucent dress with a dipping hemline. The venue is located in Ontario. She completed the ensemble with a pair of transparent kitten heels with pointed toes that gleamed beneath the lights, similar in appearance to the silver Malone Souliers shoes that she wore in Belgium while she was on tour this spring.

The famous person revealed more of the peekaboo weave in some of her favorite pictures that she posted on Instagram after she debuted her new style. She sported a manicure with French tips, a smoky eye, and silver jewels in each of her ears. During the performance, Beyoncé’s honey golden long hair was left down and straight, and it flowed behind her in a stream as she sang. After performing her final gig in Europe in Warsaw, Poland, the singer and her husband Jay-Z were able to relax and spend some quality time together during their holiday in Paris. The singer’s tour began in Europe in May. She revealed a number of outfits that she wore on her trip, one of which being a minidress made of a black vinyl material and paired with a jacket and hat that matched.

She shared another picture of herself wearing another clothing while she was standing in an elevator. This time, she was wearing a sheer corset-style dress with a loose skirt that was entirely made out of a light pink fabric. She was wearing a matching feathery coat over the dress, and she demonstrated how to display it while it hung over her elbows. She completed her look with a pair of satin platform sandals that matched her top and carried a pink pocketbook that was adorned in pink heart cut outs.

Beyoncé will begin her tour of the United States in Toronto, where she will perform in a number of events before moving on to cities across the United States, including Philadelphia, Kansas City, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Fans were particularly disheartened when the previously announced stop in Pittsburgh had to be canceled owing to logistical concerns; however, there are still tickets available for purchase in other cities. It is planned that the world tour would come to a close in New Orleans in September.