Benjamin Merritt Obituary, High Ridge Mourns The Tragic Loss Of Benjamin Merritt

Benjamin Merritt Obituary, Death – High Ridge, Missouri – The community of High Ridge is grappling with shock and grief as it mourns the tragic loss of 34-year-old Benjamin Merritt. The beloved resident’s life was cut short in a disturbing incident that unfolded on Friday, November 10, 2023, leaving friends and family in disbelief. Benjamin Merritt, a resident of High Ridge, MO, was identified as the victim in a fatal road rage incident that took place in the vicinity of Highway 141 and the intersection of Gravois Bluffs.

The incident culminated in a confrontation between Merritt and the alleged perpetrator, 53-year-old Robert Mulkey of Crystal City, Missouri. The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office swiftly took action, issuing charges against Mulkey for First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action. The probable cause statement, released on the same day, provides a chilling account of the events leading to Merritt’s untimely demise.

According to the statement, Merritt and Mulkey were involved in a road rage incident that escalated dangerously. Traffic came to a standstill, prompting Merritt to exit his vehicle and approach Mulkey, who remained inside his own car. In a shocking turn of events, after an exchange that included Merritt flicking his cigarette at Mulkey’s face, Mulkey allegedly fired a fatal shot into Merritt’s back as he was returning to his car.

Author: John Pack