Barnic Guzzi Obituary, Owner Of Allied Services Hospice & Palliative Care Has Passed Away

Barnic Guzzi Obituary, Death – Introduction: On the evening of November 10, the Taylor community mourned the loss of a beloved resident, Ceil (Barnic) Guzzi, who passed away at the age of 94 at Allied Hospice in Scranton. A Scranton native, Ceil’s life was marked by resilience, independence, and a profound commitment to her family and community. Early Life and Career: Ceil, born on July 16, 1929, to Lawrence and Josephine (Douglas) Barnic, was a proud graduate of the former Scranton Technical High School. In 1948, she embarked on a dedicated career at Kaplan Furniture in downtown Scranton, under the guidance of Harold Kaplan. As the store transitioned to Dickson City under the ownership of Paul Rosenberg, Ceil served as the office manager for decades until her well-deserved retirement in 1994.

Resilience and Independence: Ceil’s spirit remained unbroken even as the challenges of age manifested physically. Her resilience and fierce independence defined her character, making her an inspiration to those who knew her. Despite her limitations, Ceil continued to embrace life with vigor. Passion for Gardening: One of Ceil’s great joys in life was gardening. She lovingly tended to numerous houseplants, creating a lush and vibrant oasis within her home. Her green thumb was a testament to her nurturing nature, and the thriving plants stood as a metaphor for the care and dedication she poured into everything she did.

A Heart for the Less Fortunate: Ceil’s compassion extended beyond her immediate surroundings. She had a deep-seated commitment to philanthropy, supporting various charitable causes that aimed to uplift the less fortunate. Her generosity touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impact on the community she called home. Devoted Mother: Above all, Ceil was a devoted mother who tirelessly worked for the well-being of her children. Every surface in her home was adorned with photographs of her family, a testament to the love and pride she felt for each member. Her commitment to family was unwavering

Author: Alison Roman