Arthur Long Obituary, Passed Away Peacefully At Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township

Arthur Long Obituary, Death- After a brief illness, Arthur H. Long passed away on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at the age of 84, at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township. Grief at his passing has been felt across Mountain Top and the surrounding areas. Honest and kind Arthur was born on June 17, 1939, and he has lived his entire life in the Mountain Top community. His friends, family, and colleagues will miss his easygoing demeanor and unwavering devotion.

Throughout his life, Arthur was completely devoted to his business and his family. He was a loving father to Mark and Emily and a devoted husband to Margaret, who predeceased him. Being a part of Daniel, Grace, Olivia, and William’s (his four grandchildren) life brought him much joy. Arthur’s skill with wood and his ability to turn commonplace items into pieces of art earned him widespread acclaim. In his passion for art and restoration, his patience and meticulousness shone through.

He taught everyone around him by example, demonstrating how satisfying it is to create something from nothing. Arthur valued helping others and participated in several community organizations, where he freely shared his knowledge and experience. His friendship and counsel were highly sought for. Those who were fortunate enough to know Arthur were continually moved by his lack of self-interest. Some of Arthur’s favorite things to do include gardening, strolling around the beautiful Mountain Top scenery, and reminiscing with loved ones in front of a cozy fire.

Those who shared in his adventures felt a deep connection to his appreciation of the splendor of nature and the joy of time spent with friends and family. Everyone who knew Arthur H. Long mourns his passing, but his impact will live on in their memories and the thoughts of future generations. His legacy is one of devotion to family, dedication to work, and awe at the miracles of existence. The town of Mountain Top will be poorer without him, and the memories he left with his loved ones will last a lifetime.

In memory of Arthur, we will gather to pay our respects. Instead of flowers, Arthur’s family requests memorial donations be given in his name to a charity of your choice. Arthur’s words are perfect: “Life is a journey, and along the way, we learn the true value of love, family, and friendship.” We shall always miss Arthur H. Long, a pillar of the neighborhood.

Author: Queen Miracle