Alan Fox Obituary, Fox Products Corporation Mourns The Death Of Beloved Alan Fox

Alan Fox Obituary, Death – We are saddened to be the ones to deliver the news to each and every one of you, but Alan Fox has died away. Alan was the Chief Executive Officer of Fox Products from 1960 to 2012, during which time he oversaw important technological breakthroughs at the company.

During this time, Alan was an advocate of the bassoon and double reed instruments. In order to take over the management of the family business, which manufactures bassoons, Alan Fox, son of the company’s founder Hugo Fox and the only member of the family who is not a musician gave up a career as a chemical engineer in order to do so. He became an expert in the craft of instrument making and managed the company as it experienced a variety of developments while he was there to oversee them.

These innovations included the production of the very first contrabassoon ever made in North America, the development of the Renard student line, the creation of polypropylene bassoons, the production of Fox oboe family instruments, and he also brought Fox Products to the forefront of the global market through international distribution. When Alan departed from the company in 2012, he imparted the following bit of wisdom to the subsequent proprietors of the enterprise: “Stand beside intelligent people.

You will be able to establish a connection between the way you think and the way other people think if you listen to music with other people, then ask them what they hear and tell them what you hear from the music. We will keep you updated on the arrangements for the memorial service and the funeral as more information becomes known to us.

Author: Becky Hills