Vanita Krouch, Lyndsey Fry, and Trey McBride Join Gridiron Football for Historic Weekend and Youth Football Initiative

Gridiron Football achieved two firsts in Arizona during the past weekend: first, a coaches conference and showcase only for females flag football; and second, a youth football competition for flag and 7v7 teams. Among the noteworthy figures that joined them were Trey McBride, starting tight end for the Arizona Cardinals, Lyndsey Fry, who won a silver medal at the Olympics, and Vanita Krouch, quarterback for the US Women’s Flag Football National Team.

As per Gridiron Football CEO Scott Dillon, “there has been a schism between flag football, 7v7 football, and tackle football, and barriers to entry for female athletes.” Football is the only game that matters to us, and we think anyone can play it. Our major goal is the development of the complete athlete, regardless of gender, and this includes things like playing flag in the Olympics with Vanita, joining Trey on the Cardinals’ squad, or simply having fun after school.

We achieve this by providing the necessary resources (infrastructure, tools, and training) so that they can achieve their objectives. This past weekend is a perfect example of how we are achieving that goal.┬áMore than 40 girls’ flag football coaches from high schools have signed up to attend the first-ever Grow Her Game conference hosted by Gridiron, which will be featuring speakers like Vanita Krouch and Lyndsey Fry.

In an effort to encourage the coaches who had just completed their inaugural season of coaching a sport sanctioned by the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), Fry said, “Some coaches embrace the moment to make history.” Many others just go on. It requires dedicated individuals, time, and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Doing this alone will not be sufficient. Inviting those closest to us to join in is as important.