Trump stands behind a former influencer with a racist and antisemitic history who was found guilty of interfering with elections.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. defended a former social media influencer guilty of election meddling who posted racist, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, and homophobic remarks. Former President Trump accused Joe Biden and “his henchmen” of violating Douglass Mackey’s First Amendment rights in an early December campaign video. Longtime Trump supporter Mackey had an anonymous, notorious Twitter account in 2016. Trump said Biden wanted to arrest Mackey for “posting a great joke about Hillary Clinton some years ago.” No one has heard of that.

Former president slammed Mackey’s legal action, while Trump Jr. welcomed his Twitter comments. He dubbed Mackey “maybe my favorite Twitter account of all time” on December 7 and said the Biden administration wanted him imprisoned. Federal investigators investigated Mackey for conspiring to rig the 2016 presidential election. Charged seven days after Biden took office, Mackey was convicted earlier this year. He’s free on appeal after seven months.

Prosecutors claimed Mackey, 34, targeted Black voters on Twitter with a campaign commercial-like message offering text voting for Clinton. Because to his nasty Twitter account, the MIT Media Lab ranked Mackey 107th in a list of “election influencers” before the 2016 election. Mackey’s attorney told CNN that his tweets don’t reflect his current views and that he regrets their tone and content.

“However, he does not regret creating his anonymous account to promote conservative political views or then-candidate Donald Trump,” attorney James Lawrence said. Doug is pleased that former President Trump, his son, and many across the political spectrum can see through these lies and distractions and recognize that his lawsuit protects all Americans’ First Amendment rights.

Mackey tweeted discriminatory caricatures of people of color, stereotypes, and racial slurs. Many of his writings termed Black people “feral” and used the N-word. Nazi propaganda and antisemitism characterized his memes. The message advised decorating a cake with a Jewish slur to symbolize gas chambers and Hitler love. In another tweet, he threatened Jewish Americans with wrath if Trump wins 2016.