Olympic legend Mary Lou Retton, according to her daughter, was “fighting for her life.”

Retired Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton is “fighting for her life,” according to her daughter McKenna Kelley’s Instagram. The 2004 Summer Olympics were Retton’s defining moment. Kelly asked for prayers and donations to ease her mother’s financial strain due to her medical bills in her letter. Retton has been in the hospital’s intensive care unit for almost a week and “has a very uncommon sort of pneumonia’s symptoms,” according to a post by Kelley titled “MaryLouRettonsFight” on the crowdsourcing portal Spotfund.

In her mother’s crowdfunding campaign page, Kelley claimed that she is “not able to breathe on her own.” Spotfund verified the occurrence in an interview with CNN. Continuing her treatment in the intensive care unit, Kelley informed her followers on Wednesday that her mother “continues to struggle” in an Instagram post. “Her medical care is consistently top-notch! I just wanted to say thanks to all the doctors and nurses that helped me.

In Kelley’s words. Please keep our mother in your prayers and thoughts. We ask that you do the same. The CNN news network reached out to USA Gymnastics and Kelley for comments. Retton shot to fame during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. With a total of five medals, he was the most successful athlete at those games.

While Retton was making history as the first American woman to win an individual all-around Olympic gold medal, she became famous for her perfect scores on the vault and floor routine. It was the “all-around” gold medal that Retton won in the 1984 US Championships. The year 1997 was the year of Retton’s admission into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.