Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian envoy, accuses the UK of hypocrisy

A top Palestinian ambassador to the UK accused the government of “double standards” and dishonesty toward Palestinians. Palestinian politician Husam Zomlot criticized Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for rejecting an ICJ request to find Israel guilty of Gaza War genocide. He argued the UK’s Middle Eastern reputation has weakened. He welcomed the government’s new policy of restricting Israeli settlers’ UK entry.

Last month, UK foreign secretary David Cameron threatened to ban settlers from X for attacking Palestinians. After the US announced a similar approach. Zomlot stated, “I couldn’t be more appreciative.” “It was a turning point, not because of the policy, but because the UK had evaded sanctions on Israel for 75 years.” After the October 7th Hamas strikes on Israel and Israeli military action in Gaza, settler violence has increased in recent months.

Since 1967, Israel has seized 140 West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements, which the Palestinians claim for a future state and house 700,000 Jews. Despite Israel’s protestations, most nations consider the settlements illegitimate. However, Mr. Zomlot strongly opposed a measure banning public groups from economic boycotts of Israel or Israeli settlements. The measure passed its third and final reading in the Commons on Wednesday and will now head to the Lords.

“This is the discrepancy,” Mr. Zomlot told a London press conference. UK, where are you? Does Israel’s occupancy of 1967-seized areas constitute colonial and military occupation? “What is the UK policy vis-a-vis Palestine?” British policy is inconsistent, therefore I don’t know what to do. My opinion is hazy. Unreasonable. In addition, Mr. Zomlot, who heads the Palestinian mission to the UK, criticized Prime Minister Sunak for disputing South Africa’s ICJ genocide accusation.