A Media Professional from Florida Thinks Miami Has a Good Shot at Winning the ACC?

The Hurricanes should be seriously considered as the frontrunner for the Atlantic Coast Conference title, according to a media professional who is an avid fan of Florida State University, even though this may surprise some. A major element in this scenario is the signing of Cam Ward, a quarterback from Washington State to the Miami roster.

The episode in question aired on January 15th and featured this discussion. Ward and the Toronto Maple Leafs were the subjects of the first quote, which was penned by Bud Elliott of 247 Sports and CBS. According to Elliott, “I think it’s a great get for Miami,” referring to the podcast that discusses college football from a national perspective. Similar to Miami, it is likely to be favored in the Atlantic Coast Conference the next year.

“That is a significant win for them.” This is due to the fact that Ward was widely considered the top quarterback in the Transfer Portal by nearly every school I’m acquainted with. Elliott then asks a great question about the Miami staff not long after. An elite offensive line. Is it a coincidence that he is also the league’s top quarterback right now?

Elliott claims that the offensive trenches are stacked with Miami players. This evaluation is spot on. If the Canes sign Ward, they might get their hands on the top quarterback in the ACC. Elliott offers the following broad statement regarding the importance of getting Ward’s signature.¬†They consider this news to be very important. It was as if they were surefire favorites to win the league.