Check back here for live updates on the Africa Cup of Nations match between Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

On January 13, the 34th Africa Cup of Nations will be kicked off by hosts Ivory Coast, who defeated Guinea-Bissau 2-0. The biennial event has been going strong since 1957, with 24 different teams vying for the title of Africa champions. After a thrilling penalty shootout against Egypt, Senegal emerged victorious in their maiden AFCON. The … Read more

“I felt like everything was going to kill me,” says Gary Woodland, who had a death phobia prior to having brain surgery.

In the months leading up to his brain surgery last year, American golfer Gary Woodland admitted he was “fear-driven every day, especially around mortality.” Thursday is the first competitive appearance for the former US Open champion since his craniotomy to repair a brain tumor on September 18. Although Woodland just announced his illness a few … Read more

Olympic legend Mary Lou Retton, according to her daughter, was “fighting for her life.”

Retired Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton is “fighting for her life,” according to her daughter McKenna Kelley’s Instagram. The 2004 Summer Olympics were Retton’s defining moment. Kelly asked for prayers and donations to ease her mother’s financial strain due to her medical bills in her letter. Retton has been in the hospital’s intensive care unit … Read more